VAT Rates

All about VAT Rates on Metabee.

VAT Rates

VAT rates may vary depending on the destination country and product type.

The price of VAT included will be shown on the summary section of the cart and checkout page.

VAT Rates of Physical Products

The VAT Rates of the physical products on Metabee is different when shipped to different countries.

Country VAT Rate Country VAT Rate
Armenia 20% Finland 24%
Austria 20% France & Monaco 20%
Belgium 21% Germany 19%
Bulgaria 20% Greece 24%
Croatia 25% Hungary 27%
Cyprus 19% Republic of Ireland 23%
Czech Republic 21% Italy 22%
Denmark 25% Latvia 21%
Estonia 20% Lithuania 21%
Luxembourg 17% Romania 19%
Malta 18% Slovakia 20%
Netherlands 21% Slovenia 22%
Norway 25% Spain 21%
Poland 23% Sweden 25%
Portugal 23% United Kingdom 20%

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